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Performance Enhancement

This recording is a basic performance enhancement session which is part of a more comprehensive program. If used as instructed, many people will achieve success. As with any type of program designed for a concern such as this there are no guarantees.


Hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool to use to achieve personal improvement. However keep in mind that a recorded session can work just as well as a live session for most people, but understand that some people respond better in a live session and can have much greater success with a hypnotist present and administering a session. Greater success is found with a combination of live and taped sessions.

To use this recording, find a comfortable area and lie down, or recline in a position that will allow you to relax in the best way possible. Lower light is preferable. Keep the area free of distractions. Especially keep pets in another room.

In advance, decide what is the particular goal you wish you reach. This recording makes use of positive imagery and will have you envision you reaching that goal.

Continue the use of the recording every day for at least 21 days. If you want to use it longer or to work on a different goal to reach, then do that as well. Try using it at roughly the same time every day. We are establishing new habits in this process and one of those good habits is to practice this method of positive imagery.

You can either press play on the player below or copy and paste the link to Dropbox. You will need to register for a free Dropbox account to download the file.

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