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Welcome to the Quit Smoking Page

Below are two ways to get your quit smoking hypnosis session. You can either press play on the player on this page and listen to it somewhere safe or get it from the Dropbox link. You will probably need a Dropbox free account set up to download it.

If, for any reason, you are not able to access either of these files, send me a message and we will figure out another way to get this to you.

Do not listen to either of these while driving. You will have to close your eyes so take proper precautions.

Quit Smoking- Pre-Session Instructions



Before using the quit smoking hypnosis CD we suggest that one take some, or all, of the following steps to prepare oneself for this new lifestyle. Taking these steps has proven effective in increasing the success rate of former clients.

Use this recording at least once a day for at least 3 weeks. You can miss a day but if you miss more than one, start the 3-week period over again. This will be no matter how good you feel. You are retraining your mind from one which has bad habits to one which has good habits. The basic science of breaking a habit is to do something different every day for at least 3 weeks. With hypnotherapy we have a session every day for that period of time.


1- We do suggest a consultation with a physician to discuss your desire to quit smoking and obtain his/her opinion and blessing to utilize hypnosis to do so. Have your doctor suggest whether taking any type of vitamin will help with this process.

2- Stock up on bottled water. Water helps to flush out toxins in the body.

3- Throw out all ash trays that are in your house. Clean out the ash tray in your car.

4- Do the best you can to cleanse your home from the smell of smoke.

5- Purchase cinnamon or hot cinnamon flavored gum or candy to chew/eat. Sugar-free gum or candy will work fine.

6- Prepare to carry something with you, such as a rubber band or a pen, to hold in your hand to temporarily replace a cigarette.

7- Make a list of every time during the day that you normally smoke a cigarette.

8- Once you have that list write down next to each of those times that you are accustomed to smoking something else that you plan to do instead such as take a walk, chew a piece of gum, draw a picture, etc.
9- Throw out all remaining cigarettes.

These are merely suggestions that have been gathered by people who have been successful quitting smoking. They are designed to modify your behavior and habits to ease the process started by the hypnosis session.

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