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A 2019 interview and live demonstration of a rapid induction on TV along with a couple of highlight reels. There are many more in the video section.

When considering entertainment for your event, consider hosting a show which IS an event all to itself. This show is a feature-length show designed from G to PG rated for high school, corporate crowds and audiences with mixed sensitivities and from PG-17 to R rated for college crowds and adult crowds which prefer something a little less innocent.


Do you want to laugh hard like you haven't laughed in years or maybe ever? Book a Marshal Manlove Comedy Hypnosis show.

This is a finely-crafted, hysterical, and amazing display of the powers of the human mind. You and your guests will talk about what happens in this show for years to come.

Want to dive deeper into the human mind and witness and experience psychic phenomena live and in person? Book a Marshal Manlove Mentalism show.

Mind-reading, predictions, Graphology, rapid math, Psychometry, and much more, can be seen in this routine that will leave those who see it in awe.

Both of these shows have been hosted all around the country from AC to DC to NYC to Las Vegas and Internationally.  Consider this show for smaller, more intimate groups or perhaps those where participants aren't engaged for the majority of the show. 

Mr. Manlove's background in theater, television and writing help separate his shows from those without that experience making these shows events and journeys.

Don't settle for something average. Shoot for amazing for your private or public event.

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Mr. Manlove has written the book about Stage Hypnosis. Available now at on Print-on-Demand.

Read stories from dozens of shows and learn how he does it all.

Click on the image to pick up the book today. (On the left, or top, is the hard copy and on the right, or bottom, is the EBook.)

Contact to find out how to get a signed copy.

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