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The Marshal Manlove Comedy Hypnosis Show - Frequently Asked Questions and Client List


Q- Do you have some references?
A- A client list is below


Q- Do you have a press kit?
A- Yes and if you press this PDF button it is all yours. If it doesn't load, send a request to





Q- How long is a show?
A- This show averages 75 minutes in length. The longer ones are better. A show can get squeezed into a 60-minute time period, but generally those show lengths are for much larger crowds where we know there will be a great deal of participation in advance. 

Q- What size crowds do you accommodate? 
A- The minimum-sized group would be around 30. However, its much more difficult to get a great variety of participants with that sized crowd. If that is your group size we need to make sure that everyone who will be there will know that this type of entertainment will take place, especially with adults. Surprise parties for adult crowds are not suggested unless there is a much greater number of expected guests.

Q- What type of places will you do your show?

A- This show has been performed from living rooms to backyards to major state fairs to Atlantic City, Las Vegas, and Internationally. No longer are public shows in bars performed outside of comedy clubs. In fact, if alcohol is part of the party it is recommended having the show earlier in the party. Too much alcohol will be an obstacle for the show and anyone who is clearly intoxicated will not be allowed to participate.

Q- For what kind of audiences?

A- High schools (after proms, graduations,) fund raisers, college, corporate, State Fairs and other large festivals, public shows in major entertainment venues, Sweet 16 parties, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, comedy clubs,  etc. For ages 13 and over. The show rating outlines vary from G to PG-17.

Q- What are your fees?

A- Show fees begin at $750, centered around the home state of Delaware and during slower seasons, and up to $10,000 depending on where else and when the show is. Any quote you receive is all-inclusive; there are no extra fees added on for any other expense. The median range is $1300-$1600. For dates with multiple shows or event with multiple dates, discounts are arranged. Know of another group looking for a show near you and perhaps the day before or after? If an arrangement can be made with multiple groups a discount is possible.

Q- Do I need sound equipment?
A- For most places within driving distance of a show, sound equipment will be provided. For shows outside of driving distance it will be necessary to have equipment ready for use at your venue. A microphone system which includes a wireless headset and hand-held microphone will still be brought and used. We will need to plug that into the venue's existing sound system. A place to plug in a CD player (until such time as upgrades to the sound effect system to a decent MP3 player are made,) is necessary

The sound system will cover most auditoriums and areas the size of a gym. However, there might be some places with large enough crowds that will require the host to rent and make use of a larger system available at the venue into where the microphones will get connected. For these larger rooms and groups we will need stage sound monitors which face the volunteers and so they can hear what is happening as well as the audience can.

Q- What else would we need?
A- For large venues and large crowds  a video projection set-up of some sort with a competent cameraman is recommended. Facial reactions from the volunteers are important to capture, and for the entire audience to see, and this is the best way to do so. It will be necessary for a host to rent it, if there is a determination that it is of need.

We will need about 15-20 folding chairs. The chairs should not have arms on them. It will not be necessary to have them arranged but if they are arranged in advance they should be placed right next to each other without any space in between them.

The size of the stage should be approximately the size of one which you find in any normal high school auditorium. It needs to be not only wide enough but, more importantly, deep enough to make sure there is at least ten feet of space from the front of the chairs to the edge of the stage. As a guide, 30 feet wide by 18 feet deep is generally sufficient.
If there is a projection system on site, an introductory video can be played for the audience for about 15 minutes prior to show time to keep everyone entertained in advance. Sound is required for this as well.

Q- Can we videotape?
A- Yes. However, the performer reserves the rights to the show and requests a copy of whatever is shot. The video is then for your viewing purposes only. No one is allowed to upload such video to the internet without express written consent. This show is  sometimes videotaped as well and if it is you will receive a copy of what is taped.  Anyone who participates in one of these shows will know that in advance. Their continued participation grants their permission to do so. For school shows, this permission is granted by those in charge. Any parents who might have some concern about this should keep their children from participating.

Q- How about pictures?

A- Take as many as you want except during the induction portion of the show. During that part there should be no flash photography and there will be times when the lights on some of the smartphones used to take pictures will be distracting and there will be a request to have the lights turned off. It is also requested that any good pictures that you take get sent to the show as well. They are collected as souvenirs. Some pictures from the stage will get taken and a few could perhaps get posted on the show's Facebook page or perhaps this website also. Again, participation in any of my shows grants permission for this to happen. If you see a picture on one of our pages that you do not wish included, just ask to have it removed; others will certainly love to see theirs in its place.

Q- Do you ever do free shows for fund-raisers?

A- Unfortunately, this show is performed for a living. However, you will receive the best available rate that makes sense for both parties. For fund-raising groups video-tape rights are released so that groups can sell copies of the show to those who are interested in buying them to help support the cause. Often times the sales of video copies of the show make up the cost of hosting the show.

Q- Are you a "Master" Hypnotist?

A- There is no such thing as a Master Hypnotist. No one can master the human mind and anyone who claims to be one is just using it as a marketing ploy and, perhaps, is falsely advertising at that.

Q- Do you sell anything at your shows?

A- In certain situations hypnotherapy products are sold. Hypnosis is a powerful tool for change and many people take advantage of lower costs available in such a setting. Occasionally other types of souvenirs, such as the recently published book, are available for purchase.

Q- Will you interact with our group before or after a show?

A- There is generally no pre-show interaction with a crowd, beyond the introductory video, is it is able to play for the audience. Physical and mental preparations are necessary to make prior to the show. After the show there are opportunities to ask questions, take pictures, have items signed, etc. It is one of the best parts of the evening.

Q- Is stage hypnosis safe?

A: Yes. Hypnosis is simply a deep state of relaxation. Volunteers actually have increased sensory perception and are fully aware at all times. As with anything you do, or anyplace you go, there are always risks of accidents. For example, people get very relaxed and slide and fall off chairs frequently. But hypnosis, itself, is perfectly safe.
This show does NOT feature skits that are designed to scare any participants, have them eat something terrible, or work with fire or anything that is generally thought of as negative in that way remembering that concept is also subjective.
To repeat: Hypnosis is perfectly safe. It is laughable for anyone to suggest otherwise.

Q- Are there any religious concerns?
A- This show has been done inside churches, synagogues, and mosques. If you have heard anything otherwise, you have heard misinformation.


Q- Will I, or my friends, do anything embarrassing?

A- That is a very subjective concept. What is embarrassing to one person is not to another. What you think your friend is doing on stage might be something that YOU would not do, but NO ONE does anything that they wouldn't normally do, or feel like doing, in a hypnosis show.

Even in an adults-only, R-rated show, specific skits involving the removing of clothes are not made in one of these shows. That doesn't mean that people won't do it of their own free will, but it's just not scripted into a show.

Q- Do you have an agreement to sign?

A- There a one-page agreement. All that is needed are the host name and address, venue name and address, time and date of the show. You will receive an email copy with an electronic signature for you to sign and return.

Q- How do I pay?

A- Any date is secured with a deposit quoted in advance. That deposit is non-refundable. The balance is due on show day. If show is canceled on the day of the show, the show fee is still due. If it is postponed and a new date is arranged the deposit is simply applied to that. If you cancel the show prior to 24 hours in advance, unfortunately, the deposit is gone. If for illness, or accident, on this end the show is not held the deposit will be refunded and an attempt made to find a competent replacement for you.

Marshal has a growing list of corporate clients including...

Parcels Inc., The Diamond State Games, KEMA, Highmark, Allstate Ins., Packaging Control Corp., Barclays, PA Limousine Association, Fox Pools, Service Today, Network Solutions, Delaware State University, Excervio, Leisure Point Resort, Paris Companies, First Night Wilmington, Worcester & Somerset County Libraries, The Service Dept., Naturally Potatoes, Maple Shade Rotary, GA Communications, Associated Estates, Nottingham Vol Fire Co.,  First Night Hazleton, Wayne County PA BPW, Limosine Digest, PA Injured Workers Assoc., Johns Hopkins, Manheim Fire Dept., York Container, Severn Management, Reading Phillies, Perdue, Allied Electronics, Alutiiq, Hydro, JW Pepper, Wells Fargo Insurance, McLean Trucking, Continental Realty Corp., Hilltop Farm, Christiana Rotary, Texas Trial Lawyers Association, LHK Partners, National Star Route Mail Contractors, Air Base Carpet Mart, Maryland Motor Truck Association, QVC, First Night Morris, Graham Architectural Products, Siemens, Bucks County Consortium, Lockheed Martin, Home Builders Association of NE NC, Riverside Fire Company, Johns Hopkins Hospital, O'Melveny & Myers, Greenwood Fire Department, Ball Corporation, Patents Ink., IHS, Enterprise Rental Car, Vivint Smart Home, BD Health Services, Dynamic Healthcare Services, Autumn Lake Healthcare, Datessential, Athelas, Wagner Co., ERA Brokers Utah, SNAPA, Marydel Fire Department, APWU Health Plan, Phocus Insurance Companies, APWU Health Plan


Major fairs and festivals including...The Great NY State Fair, The Delaware State Fair, The Ohio State Fair, the Vermont State Fair, The Wasatch County Fair, The Anderson County Fair, The Sarasota Medieval Festival, The Belchertown Fair

as well as a growing list of high schools and colleges that include Delaware, DE State, Penn State, Walnut Hill College, Maine, Towson, Virginia, Maryland, George Mason, Pennsylvania, Harrisburg Area CC, Berkeley College, University of Sciences Philadelphia, Ursinus, Cornell, George Washington, Connecticut, West Chester, Carlow, Widener, West Virginia, Bergen County CC, Trinity College, Wesley, Duke, Hood, York, St. Joseph's, Salisbury, St. Thomas, Northeastern, Sacred Heart, Husson, Thomas, Goucher, Chestnut Hill, Brevard College, Lake Erie College, and The University of Utah.

What some former hosts had to say after a Marshal Manlove hypnosis or mentalism show

It was extremely easy to work with Marshal from the first email to the end of the event, he is very professional and respectful in every aspect. Communication was excellent, which was much appreciated because he was not local to the area where the event was being held. He showed up early with his own sound equipment, made sure the space was adequate for the show, and was very easy to work with in terms of what was required on our end for the show. In talking with him before the show, he is also very knowledgeable about his craft and industry. Now for the really great part - his stage presence and hypnotism methods were awesome and very entertaining! The event was an after-prom gathering for ~140 high school kids, and some were very eager to be hypnotized. Marshal managed the participants mental state very well, bringing them in and out of hypnosis in some very amusing ways, and suggesting funny situations to have them follow. It was so entertaining - even the staff for the event space watched and enjoyed the show very much! As a parent of one who was hypnotized, and who has organized other events like this, I will highly recommend Marshal again in the future if anyone is looking for a hypnotist!

-- Kristina Fauler
Hoosick Falls, NY

Marshal was featured as a comedy hypnotist at First Night Morris County. He was excellent on all fronts - flexible in working out details of his contract, fair in his pricing, and, judging by the capacity crowds and the abundant laughter from the audience, he certainly fulfilled my expectations. Prior to hiring him, I had seen many videos of hypnotists but his impressed me as being particularly efficient and very funny in a clean, straightforward way. (He didn't humiliate participants in the process). I also was pleased that he was a professionally certified hypnotist.

--Dr. Lynn Siebert
Programming Director - First Night Morris
Morristown, NJ


Marshal was hired by my daughter's senior class to perform at their senior trip.  There were only a few of the 50 people in attendance that had ever had the pleasure of witnessing a hypnotist.  Let alone one of the caliber of Marshal. The room had no idea what to expect as Marshal ran us all through a little demonstration.  He immediately had us all intrigued and amused with his opening  act.  He had no trouble at all getting volunteers to participate.  Within minutes, he had all of his subjects relaxed and ready to go on a little trip, a trip that even the audience was invited to attend.  His descriptions were so vivid and detailed that it was easy to see how the hypnotees thought they were really there.  Having known many of these kids since grade school, I thoroughly appreciated the character that Marshal brought out of each one.  The show was edgy, hilarious and consistently entertaining.  Marshal performed for us on the last night of our 4 day trip and it was, without doubt, the event that each of class will remember forever.


--Ken Osmolenski

Newport High School

Newport, PA

Hi Marshal.  I wanted to thank you for your show on Saturday at the  convention.  It was one of the funniest things I've seen in a long, long time.  I had more people tell me it was the best event we've ever had.  I actually skipped the beginning to go get ice cream and thought I just wouldn't be into it, but when I came back and watched the show I had a great time.  I will be sure to throw your name around to anyone and everyone. 

Thanks again,
--Celine Butland
Washington, DC

I contacted Mr. Manlove several months ago to book him for my husband's  30th birthday party.  He responded to my email immediately.  Reservation/Booking was a breeze.  Fees are very reasonable.  As promised, Mr. Manlove contacted me the week before the party to finalize the plans.  He arrived on-time and was very personable.  The guests appeared to be hesitant to participate, but Mr. Manlove quickly won them over to the point where there weren't enough chairs to hold everyone and some had to be turned away.  I got nothing but positive feedback about the show!.everyone absolutely LOVED it.  The guests watching the show told me they never laughed so hard in their lives.  The guest who participated said it was such fun.  The show is HYSTERICAL!  No one has to do anything embarrassing whatsoever. I would highly recommend Mr. Manlove to anyone looking to have fun, unique entertainment at their event. 
--Christina Spangler
Mechanicsburg, MD

This was the funniest show I have ever seen and I saw George Carlin live in Las Vegas.
-- Jonathan Crispin
Cape May, NJ

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